Linda Bortoletto in Israel

Former French Captain Officer, Linda quit everything after the death of her father in 2011, to make her hidden dream come true: exploring unknown regions, often wild, always spiritual. Since then, she has been traveling alone, on foot or by bicycle, from Siberia to Alaska, from Himalaya to Middle East, diving into nature and spirituality.

Following the tradition of travel writers, she has published in France two books: “The call of wild lands” (2016) and “Daring will make us free” (2017) and she gives inspirational talks about listening to our heart and getting back to human values.

“After having travelled in places connected with Shamanism, Buddhism, and Kabbalah, I consider the Sufi Trail as the logical continuation of my explorations, which became year after year a deep inner quest.

I discovered the Sufi Trail by chance, even if I don’t believe in chance, and felt that I had to discover this new trail by my own.

I will hike along this trail to discover the unknown nature of Anatolia, to learn more about Sufism, but most of all, to feel the energy of this mystical land.”

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